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Corning Museum of Glass
Still life- orange, Mariko Takada, San Jose, California, 1998. Published in New Glass Review 20 (via Still life - orange | Corning Museum of Glass)
"In the course of creative endeavors, artists and scientists join fragments of knowledge into a new unity of understanding."
The psychology of how memory powers creative work and the art of connecting the seemingly unrelated  (via explore-blog)
#Lalique of the Week This clock is on view in the exhibition René Lalique: Enchanted by Glass
Cinq hirondelles (Five swallows), Combs-la-Ville, designed 1920 Mold-pressed glass, enameled; Swiss-made clock H. 15 cm, W. 13.5 cm, D. 5 cm 2011.3.202, gift of Elaine and Stanford Steppa. #swallows #clock #glassmaking #mold
Compulsion, Mark Peiser, Renland, North Carolina, 1997. Published in New Glass Review 19, p. 25, no. 67. (via Compulsion | Corning Museum of Glass)
Drinking Tazza, possibly Venice, Italy; possibly Low Countries, 1550-1599. 58.3.180. (via Drinking Tazza | Corning Museum of Glass)
Beaker with Palmettes, Near East; possibly Persia, about 901-999. 58.1.26.  (via Beaker with Palmettes | Corning Museum of Glass)
Pitcher, Dorflinger Glass Works, Brooklyn, New York, 1852-1863. 58.4.1.(via Pitcher | Corning Museum of Glass)
Arc [slide], Ethan Stern, Smithville, Tennessee, 2004. Published in New Glass Review 26, p. 54, no. 84.  (via Arc [slide]. | Corning Museum of Glass)
 Flask or vial, Spain, possibly 1700-1799. 55.3.19. (via Flask or vial | Corning Museum of Glass)
Paperweight with Sulphide of Napoleon I, J.L. Maes, France, 1845-1855. Gift of the Honorable and Mrs. Amory Houghton. 56.3.105.  (via Paperweight with Sulphide of Napoleon I | Corning Museum of Glass)