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Corning Museum of Glass
Untitled, Therman Statom, Washington D.C., 1981. Published in New Glass Review 3.  (via Untitled [slide]. | Corning Museum of Glass)
Bottle, Netherlands, 1600-1699. 60.3.9. (via Bottle | Corning Museum of Glass)
Vase with Spiral Handles, Umberto Bellotto, Murano, Venice, Italy, designed about 1925. 74.3.144. (via Vase with Spiral Handles | Corning Museum of Glass)
Maurice Marinot (1882–1960) studied painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and he exhibited regularly at the Salon d’Automne and the Salon des Indépendants from 1905 to 1913. Near his home in Troyes was a glass factory owned by his friends Eugène and Gabriel Viard. During a visit to that factory, Marinot was introduced to glassworking. He was intrigued by the molten material, and he exhibited his first work in glass, along with his paintings, in 1911. From 1913 until 1937, Marinot worked at the Viards’ factory, located in the town of Bar-sur-Seine.
Dish with Lily, Maurice Marinot, Bar-sur-Seine, France, 1913. Gift of Mlle. Florence Marinot. 69.3.88. (via Dish with Lily | Corning Museum of Glass)
Oil Separator, possibly Northern Europe, possibly 1700-1799. 65.3.11. (via Oil Separator | Corning Museum of Glass)
Check out this awesome octopus from a recent You Design It; We Make It show. #cmog
Ring Beaker (Ringelbecher), Germany; Bohemia, 1500-1600. Gift of The Ruth Bryan Strauss Memorial Foundation. 79.3.732. (via Ring Beaker (Ringelbecher) | Corning Museum of Glass)
Emergence, Ana Thiel, Mexico City, Mexico, 1986. 87.5.1. (via Emergence | Corning Museum of Glass)
Designer Paul Cocksedge created this apparatus so that he could invite the public to participate in blowing glass experiments in which air from the lungs of different people was combined to create shape with breath during his GlassLab session at the Vitra Design Museum, June 2011. (via Paul Cocksedge | Corning Museum of Glass)
Just another day for our glassmakers on @celebritycruise. Sailing through the French Riviera. Making some glass. (Work by Chris Rochelle.) #glassofig