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Corning Museum of Glass
Vase, Kosta Glasbruk AB, Sweden, 1957. 58.3.84. (via Vase | Corning Museum of Glass)
Alabastron, probably Near East, probably 1875-1925 or later. 60.1.1. (via Alabastron | Corning Museum of Glass)
The old Steuben ventilator that will open as our new 500-seat hot glass demo space in March 2015 is receiving new cladding. The interior cladding is shown here. Soon we’ll begin to see the black exterior cladding. #northwing #progress
Animal Bottle (Schnapshund), Germany, probably about 1700-1750. Gift of Minnie L. Schuelein. 62.3.70. (via Animal Bottle (Schnapshund) | Corning Museum of Glass)
Wineglass, Steuben Division, Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY, about 1920-1930. Gift of Frederick Carder. 59.4.247. (via Wineglass | Corning Museum of Glass)
Vertical Panel, Frederick Carder, Corning, NY, about 1940-1949. Gift of Corning Glass Works. 59.4.189.(via Vertical panel | Corning Museum of Glass)
Innate’s Study, Kiara Pelissier, Richmond, VA, 2006. Published in New Glass Review 28. (via Innate’s study | Corning Museum of Glass)
George Kennard’s latest project: platters. This one just came out of the annealer this morning from yesterday’s late #HotGlassShow. #cmog